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Recovering From Sports Injuries

One of the most common questions new patient's ask when they call in to make their appointment is "why am I calling a chiropractor for my knee, hip, foot or shoulder injury?"

At Elite care Chiropractic, our primary focus is on sports injuries. We spend about 75% of our time working on athletic injuries. We also have the unique perspective of being competitive endurance athletes ourselves and have comprehensive knowledge of not only how to treat your injury but also how to modify your workouts so that you not only allow healing to progress, but continue to workout in a way that maintains your fitness - especially if you have an upcoming event.

Our office is geared toward working with "weekend warrior" to the Olympic and professional level athlete. We have treated thousands of sports injuries over the past 14 years ranging from new runners training for their first race to professionals preparing for competitions to make their living. We have a special empathy for patients with athletic injuries due to the fact that we have had most of these at one point in our own training and racing.

Our approach involves a comprehensive history, in-depth biomechanical evaluation, which includes a review of equipment (shoes, bikes, etc...), a clear diagnosis of the injury, and most importantly, the cause of the injury and how to treat it. We also will give homework ( stretches, exercise, ice, etc...), as well as training modification and applicable cross training to enhance a quick recovery. Many times with overuse in particular, doing nothing does not speed up recovery. In fact, most of the time without active intervention, muscles remain tight, scar tissue and adhesions form and the pattern of injury is still there. So even though the pain may go away - as soon as the athlete goes back into the sport where the injury arose from - microtrauma in scar tissue begins and inflammation and pain returns.

We feel it is a vital part of treatment to not only work on the injury but also to address the cause, otherwise there is a high probability that injuries will persist. This may be as simple as a shoe change or modification of a bike fit or swim stroke, or the addition of generic shoe insert or custom orthotics.

We measure success in how fast we can return you to your sport - the faster you get better, the better we look!

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