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Success Stories
I won a lottery spot to do the Ironman in Kona, Hawaii. Unfortunately, I had a running injury and wasn't running at all. Thanks to Dr Rob, I was able to work through my injury and run the entire marathon course in 90 degree plus heat.
Brent Hurst
I have been a patient for 9 years. If it were not for Elite Care I would not be as healthy and injury free. They are fantastic for sports injuries and preventative work.
Felicia Walker
I have been a patient of both Rob and Linda's since 2002. Simply put they get it, meaning they understand the needs of an athlete, specifically a triathlete. There have been 5 to 10 occasions where in the week of a race I became injured. They were able to quickly remedy the situation and enable me to race all out. Their greatest miracle happened in September 2002 when Rob pulled me from the depths - my back was really hurt! After only 3 treatments I ran the best race of my 21 year career at the Triathlon National championships, placing 7th and qualifying for the World Triathlon Championsip.
Craig Zelent
I first came to Elite Care about nine years ago after meeting Linda at a pool where we were both working out. I was swimming because of the  plantar - as running is my "workout of choice". I have been a grateful patient of Linda's for all of these years and will keep coming back because she always makes whatever's not working  "all better".
Debbie Sandler
Initially I was referred to Rob & Linda due to an auto accident in which neck was injured. Rob quickly diagnosed the problem and began treatment. Within weeks I was feeling completely back to health and doing my normal exercise routine. In my current job, I am always traveling on airplanes, hauling around luggage and sleeping in different hotel beds. Rob & Linda have both treated me for neck and back pain as result of theses activities. Their unique blend of deep tissue massage, careful chiropractic manipulation and muscle stimulation has rescued me from urgent active pain and kept me in good health. I refer them to all of my family and friends.
Owen Williams
I have known Rob & Linda for almost 15 years initially working with Rob after he had graduated Chiropractic College. I have witnessed both Rob & Linda's growth, setting the benchmark for the highest ideal of what a chiropractor should be. There care, concern and effectiveness is evident in their legions of satisfied patients, keeping in mind their clients include many world class athletes. It is with great respect & admiration that I give this testimonial.
Richard Gilardi
I have made a living as a professional athlete for over two decades. Training and racing has always been the easy and passionate part of my career. Part of that training was always being at optimal physical health and balance. Dr Jannelli and Dr Rich have been the quiet pillars of strength and foundation that have guided my career through the flawless record setting seasons and the inevitable injuries along the way. Thank-you for all those magnificent years, and for keeping me on the road and trails to continue to pursue my passion of health and fitness for the future.
Paula Newby-Fraser  8x Ironman World Champion